Convenient and Affordable Professional Teeth-Whitening

Relief Dental offers highly-effective, professional-strength, take-home teeth bleaching kits at our Tucker office. Dr. Melvin Washington believes in providing cost-effective, long-lasting cosmetic solutions to help you reach your teeth whitening goals.

Chairside Whitening vs. Professional Take-Home Methods

Teeth Whitening in Tucker GA

In-office teeth whitening delivers fast results. However, this treatment is expensive and temporary. Most thorough dentists who offer chairside bleaching, supply a take-home whitening method for patients to maintain their bright smiles after the procedure.

Dr. Washington prefers to save his patients from paying high out of pocket costs for in-office teeth whitening. Instead, he recommends Opalescence Go® to achieve significantly brighter teeth in less than two weeks.

Whitening over the course of 10 days to two weeks provides longer-lasting results, and having the ability to give yourself periodic whitening retreatments means you can keep your bright new smile forever.

Professional Take-Home Whitening vs. Over-the-Counter

Don’t get Opalescence Go® confused with consumer brand teeth whiteners. These products rarely produce any noticeable results and can be quite costly.

These whitening products are not as effective because the percentage of the bleaching ingredient is low. Over-the-counter brands can also cause sensitivity when used incorrectly. People often try to leave the weaker solution on teeth longer to achieve better results, which does little, except irritate the gums.

Veneers for Deep (Intrinsic) Discoloration

In some cases, dental staining is permanent. Intrinsic discoloration is usually caused by illness, medications, or genetics. For these patients, Dr. Washington offers direct bonding or porcelain veneers. These treatments can not only address stained teeth; they can conceal small cracks, chips, gaps, and mild crowding.

Call Relief Dental To Learn More About Your Teeth Whitening Options In Tucker

Dr. Washington conducts a complete exam, and for best results, will suggest teeth cleaning before treatment with Opalescence Go®. He listens carefully to your concerns and clearly explains all the options available to improve your smile.


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